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Joseon Royal Family

Traditional Hanok experience of royal family of the Joseon Dynasty Joseon Royal Family

Joseon Royal Family facing wide Gasapyeong, the lava plateau at the entrance of Gomunri going to a geological attraction Jaein Falls is an old house of royal family Leegeun who oversaw Royal ancestral rituals of kings during Joseon Dynasty as King Gojong’s esteemed grand child. Founded in the 1800s, it is a traditional Hanok of royal family remodeled to 99 rooms in 1935. Over approximately 5 months from June 15, 2008, the amount of about 300 trucks of roof tiles, pillars, rafters, columns, foundations stones, stylobate, Tobang stones was carried the foot of Jaeun Mountain and original materials were used and repaired over 27 months and remodeled in September 7, 2010, leading to today. Jaeunjong in the backyard is also the pavillion where former President late Park Chung Hee stayed when he was in Myeongnyun-dong.

Joseon Royal Family provides traditional Korean lodging service and outdoor campsite of 3,000 pyeong. Also, you can experience healing together with nature through various additional facilities such as Saengmyeonggwan, seminar room, Hongjaeun Gallery, Oriental History Museum, Clean Detox cafeteria, royal family disciplinary room, royal Restaurant, Hurb Detox experience center and Healing services such as Clean Detox Program, King and queen disciplinary therapy.