Geo Trail

Hapsumeori Ggokji-gil

  • Course :
    1. Hapsumeori Park
    2. The Birdsong Walkway
    3. Imjin River Observatory
    4. Chionanthus retusus Road
    5. Iron fence Walkway
    6. Hapsumeori Park
  • Total distance :8km
  • Total required time :2~3 hour

Hapsumeori Ggokjigil that begins in Hapsumeori Park where Imjin River and Hantan River meet is a trekking course walking while seeing columnar joint gorge toward Imjin River upstream. To Imjin Bridge, the distance is about 8㎞ and it takes about 2 to 3 hours. In Hapsumeori Park, there is the central coordinate origin and Korean Peninsula Reunification Future Center is located nearby and you can see Hapsumeori where Imjin River and Hantan River meet in Reunification Future Center Observatory.

Geology Trail Course
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