River Geopark


Hantan-River Geopark is the first geopark in Korea to be formed with a river as its' center. It includes Hantan-river, which rises from Pyonggang-gun of North Korea, and also the overlap area of the Imjin-river, located in the lower course of Hantan-river. The Hantan-river was formed about 500,000~130,000 years ago by a Volcanic explosion. The lava which flowed from the explosion created various geographies such as Basalt cliffs, columnar joints and waterfalls, and eventually developed the beautiful landscape of present Hantan-river.


  • Designation: Hantan-River Geopark(7th)
  • Designated area: 1,164.74㎢ (Pocheon 493.3㎢, Yeoncheon-gun 273.3㎢, Cheorwon-gun 398.06㎢)
  • Geological attraction: 24 in total (11 in Pocheon, 9 in Yeoncheon-gun, 4 in Cheorwon-gun)
  • Geological period: Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic age(Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous Period), Quarternary Period
  • Certificate authority: Ministry of Environment(ME)
  • Date of Certificate: 2015. 12. 31(ME Notification no. 2015-258)
  • Certificate Period: 2015 12. 31 ~ 2019. 12. 31
  • Notice of Alteration: 2017. 12. 26(ME Notification no. 2017-230)