River Geopark

Geopark Protection Charter and Conduct Code

Hantan River Geopark Protection Charter

Rising in Pyonggang County, Hantan River has the basin length of about 140km from Cheorwon and Pocheon to Yeoncheon Dogampo and is important globally and scientifically because strange rock formations and cliffs and river cliff, fluvial caves are well developed in every gorge and is a geological attraction with high educational and scenic values and is a region where ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural values are distributed. Geological heritages distributed in the geopark are valuable assets to understand materials making up the earth, formation process of these materials and history and environment of this earth and furthermore, they are valuable resources to understand even the future of the earth.

In order to obtain a further study and understanding of these geological heritages and inherit a clean natural heritage not polluted nor destroyed to our descendants, we will continue to protect and preserve it and contribute to income improvement of local residents and local economy activation by using it in education and geological tourism at the same time. To this end, our city pledges to promise and implement as follows and asks locals and Geopark visitors to observe the following faithfully.

Implementation Details of management
  • Management should protect geological attractions and preserve the value of the geopark through rational and systematic management·administration of Geoparks.
  • Management should strive for regional economic development such as geological tourism activation etc.
Implementation Details of Local Residents
  • Local residents themselves should have ownership ‘I am the owner of this region’ and attachment.
  • Local residents themselves should take the lead in geological attractions protection and surrounding cleanup activities with the initiative mindset.
Implementation Details of Visitors
  • For geological heritage protection and the safety of visitors, please use 9:00 am to 6:00 pm if possible.
  • Please refrain from the visits during worsening weather such as hurricane, high wind, heavy rain etc.
  • For geological heritage protection, please refrain from the act such as cooking, camping, rock and plant collection, loud singing, urinating on the street, smoking in Geopark.
  • Please refrain from other acts harming other visitors.
  • All the attractions in the geopark are specifically protected by law.
  • If trying to take samples of the geological attractions, you must obtain the prior approval. When witnessing an act to undermine the geological attractions, please report it to Pocheon City Hall Department of Culture and Sports (538 –3025) or the nearest police station.
Conduct code for preventing damage to Hantan River Geological attractions(for operating body)

Hantan River National Geoparks are important globally and scientifically and are the geological attraction with high educational, scenic values and are the region where ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural values are distributed.

In order to prevent misuse and damage of Hantan River National Geoparks, Pocheon City establish the following conduct code and try to comply with it.

  1. We are to continuously monitor attractions and surrounding terrain, landscape, ecosystems for preservation of Geoparks and complement improvements by collecting visit reviews of visitors periodically.
  2. We are to continuously manage and identify amenities, safety equipment, website, leaflets, signs for visit comfort and guidance of visitors and take the necessary measures.
  3. We are to conduct continuous guidance and promotion for preventing the damage to geological attractions by visitors and install signs and produce and distribute leaflets, etc so that visitors can find easily.
  4. We are to expand Information Center in geoparks gradually and encourage geopark commentators and workers to control disorderly conduct such as geological attractions damage, access control based on weather conditions, cooking, smoking, loud singing etc.
  5. We are to periodically carry out environmental cleanup and environmental campaign of geological attractions and surrounding area in cooperation with institutions and organizations understanding the importance of nature and geological heritage.
  6. We are to maintain a cooperative relationship so that local residents themselves can conduct ‘creating my clean town’ with active ownership and attachment.