Geo Trail

Imjin Red Cliff Road

  • Course :
    1. Sunguijeon
    2. Dangposeong
    3. Imjin River columnar joint
    4. Imjin Bridge
    5. Herb Village
    6. Gunnam flooding regulating reservoir
  • Total distance :21.8km
  • Total required time :6 hour 20 minutes

Starting with Sunguijeon, Imjin Red Cliff Road, the second course of Yeoncheon Peace Nurigil is a course walking mainly along Imjin River. Starting with Sunguijeon, an ancestral shrine serving to four kings and sixteen servants during the Goryeo Dynasty including Goryeo Taejo, you can enjoy Dangposeong, the Goguryeo era fortress and Imjin River columnar joint where columnar joints are developed the most only in Korea along Imjin River. In Imjin River columnar joints, you become solemn because of the magnificence of nature with surprises.

You can feel the scent of herbs and European style in Herb Village and enjoy a variety of landscapes while passing through fields, rivers, and hills of clean and clear region Yeoncheon. Thanks to delicious maeuntang of restaurants around Imjin River, it can said to be an affordable trekking course with all of fun of watching, walking, eating.

Peace Nurigil is a trekking course along DMZ and is connected to existing rice fields and field roads, trails and Yeoncheon County has three roads(62.2㎞) composed of a total of 12 courses. The course length is 8㎞ to the shortest and 21.8㎞ to the longest and average distance per course is about 15km and an adult with usual stamina can finish 1 course for about 4-5 hours on foot. While walking the Peace Nurigil, you can get peace of mind and feel the mental and physical health due to clean air and clean energy of nature. Yeoncheon is healing.

  • Sunguijeon
  • Imjin River columnar joint
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